Alla Tenina

Alla Tenina has graduated from prestige Hastings College of Law and is qualified to practice law in California and New York. She has broad experience in bankruptcies, real property, complex tax matters, and corporate matters.

In addition, Alla Tenina’s practice includes conducting internal investigations and providing counseling and training to corporations and their boards of directors on legal compliance issues.

In addition to meeting legal requirements a well-trained workforce is essential to worker productivity and well-being.

Because the affirmative defense for sexual harassment has been extended to other forms of discrimination, it is important to provide training on the various forms of discrimination.

Comply with laws and regulations.

Safety training is essential for any company that wants to protect itself and employee. It’s mandatory for almost any company, regardless of its goals, because of the many laws and regulations governing workplace safety that have been issued by federal and state governments in recent years.