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Alla Tenina Reviews

All clients that call Tenina Law, Inc have saved thousands. Don’t let the IRS bully you in paying what they think is correct. The clients below fought and won, the list below shows just a small portion of the very satisfied Tenina Law, Inc.

Client list:

Gloria C. – Owed $152,000.00 and we settled for $252

OIC Acceptance – Gloria C. Alla took my case and told me that she would do everything in her power to help me. I could not have imagined the result. I was shocked and happy at the same time. I could not have thought I could settle with the IRS for $252. Alla is the best and I will recommend her to all of my friends.

Jesus A. – Owed $102,742.37 and we settled for $25

The attorney took her time and talked to us, she took our documents and told us that she would take care of the irs problem. Monique called us every month and told us where are case was. When we got a call to come into the office to sign documents we could not have imagined that the settlement was so good. We recommend Tenina Law, Inc to all of our friends.

Martha M. – Owed $11,485.05 and we settled for $12

I met with the attorney, we discussed my financial situation and went over some questions to see if I qualified for the program. After about 6 months, we were told that our offer had been approved for $12. It was unbelievable, so grateful for all the help.

Alex & Anna B. – Owed $ 136,495.00 and we settled for $ 12

My wife and I went to two different tax resolution companies, the only thing they offered us was an installment agreement. Alla Tenina took the time to listen to our problem and said that she would do whatever she can to help us. It seemed that the case took a long time, but at the end we are very happy.

Jose G. – Owed $13,202, we settled for $80

Wow, I am speechless, when I got the letter from the IRS I could not believe what I saw. $80 was not even in my wildest dreams. Thanks Tenina Law, Inc.

Not all cases are the same, however Tenina Law, Inc can get you the very best resolution for your IRS problems.

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