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Story About Tenina Law
About Tenina Law

Our Professional History

Alla Tenina has graduated from prestige Hastings College of Law and is qualified to practice law in California and New York. She has experience in personal injury, bankruptcies, complex tax matters, and corporate matters.

In addition, Alla Tenina’s practice includes conducting internal investigations and providing counseling and training to corporations and their boards of directors on legal compliance issues.

In addition to meeting legal requirements a well-trained workforce is essential to worker productivity and well-being.



Over 20 years of experience from Wall Street to Main Street will insure the best results.


No client is too small or too large to fight for.


We always strive to achieve the best results no matter how long it takes.

what we are expert at

Why Clients Choose Us?

At Tenina Law we have over 20 years of experience and dedication to serving our clients. Our extensive expertise in these practice areas guarantees the best outcome for all of our clients!


Each of our clients are treated like family and not just another case. This personal approach leads to the best results for the client!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need professional assistance for my back tax liability?

It depends.   If you have the ability to immediately pay the tax liability in full, the liability is accurate, and you don’t have any extenuating circumstances which caused you to fall behind, it might make sense just to pay the debt off.  If you are unable to pay the debt off quickly, you feel like you had extenuating circumstances or you believe the liability to be inaccurate, you should seek advice from a professional who is experienced in resolving back taxes.   In many cases, an experienced tax pro can reduce the amount taxpayers will have to repay and/or help them avoid nasty consequences such as wage levies, bank levies, and the seizure of assets.

Can my tax liability be reduced?

Some taxpayers qualify for an Offer in Compromise (a tax settlement), while others may qualify for an abatement (reduction/elimination) of penalties.  Others qualify for a Partial Payment Installment Agreement, which technically does not reduce the debt, but can have the effect of having the taxpayer repay less than the full amount due.  There is also something called Currently Not Collectable Status (CNC), in which the taxpayer pays nothing so long as he or she stays in CNC.  Consult with a tax professional with experience dealing with back tax cases to see if you might qualify for any of the above.

What types of tax professionals can represent me with my back tax liability, and which type is best for my situation?

Enrolled Agents, CPAs, and attorneys have unlimited authorization to represent taxpayers before the IRS.  Since resolving most tax collection cases has little to do with number crunching, and a lot to do with building and presenting a strong case, we believe that the skill set of an attorney experienced in handling tax collection cases is likely to procure better results.

Do I need a local tax representative?

No. We have heard countless horror stories about taxpayers who have hired a local CPA, Enrolled Agent or attorney to represent them for a tax collection case.  Poor customer service, crummy results, and a lack of expertise dealing with tax collection cases are commonly cited problems.  Few local accountants and attorneys truly specialize in resolving back tax liabilities for a living.  Would you rather have a representative who understands tax collections inside out and who is likely to get better results, or one who happens to live nearby?

I own or work for a company that is behind with employment and/or sales taxes. Can the government pursue me and my personal assets?

Maybe. If you are an owner, officer, check signer or person with some control over the company’s financial decision-making, you may be at risk of being held personally liable.  Consult with a tax professional experienced in dealing with back tax cases to see if you are at risk, and to see what can be done to reduce or eliminate that risk.

What is the difference between a lien and a levy?

A lien is a secured interest in an asset or assets. A Notice of Federal Tax Lien is a public record which notifies the world that a taxpayer owes taxes, and places a public claim against the assets of the taxpayer. A lien can affect a taxpayer’s credit, and can prevent the taxpayer from selling or transferring an asset subject to the lien. A levy is when the IRS actually takes an asset or assets from a delinquent taxpayer, whether it is the taxpayer’s wages, bank accounts, investment accounts, real estate or other assets.

Google Reviews

First of all I like to say that her communication is by far the best I have every encountered. I love the fact that Alla was on point every beat of the way and extremely knowledgeable in every state of the situation. I highly recommend Alla Tenina Law Offices!

Abraham Ramzan
Google Review

I’ve had a great experience with Ms. Tenina. She is very knowledgeable about what she does and is always willing to help. Alla Tenina made the bankruptcy process easy and explained each step in the process.Thank you,Tenina Law, Inc!

Janete Rosalind Spencer
Google Review

So glad I was referred to Tenina Law! Tenina and Demitri helped me sort things out with my judgement. They both worked hard to get my judgement cleared out. Their customer service was excellent. Did not have any issues at all. They followed up with me and kept me updated every other day on what was going on with my file. I definitely recommend Tenina Law!

Eder Martel
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