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Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault attorney

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Recent years have seen a steady rise in rape and sexual violence victimization, as reported by the Bureau of Justice Statistics. In 2013, the number of individuals affected by rape and sexual assault stood at 300,165, a figure that surged to 393,979 by 2017. For those who have experienced such trauma, Tenina Law’s sexual assault lawyers stand ready to offer dedicated assistance and support.


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Sexual Assault FAQs


What Is Considered Sexual Assault?

Sexual assault is not limited to rape alone. Many individuals refrain from reporting rape because they may perceive it as not being recognized as a crime by the law, or they may believe that authorities will discredit their accounts. Furthermore, some individuals may hesitate to report a sexual attack due to the fear of public scrutiny.

It’s important to understand that sexual assault encompasses any nonconsensual sexual activity that violates federal, tribal, or state laws. This includes instances where the victim did not provide consent. Sexual assault and rape are typically not acts driven by passion; they are acts aimed at exerting control over the victim. It is crucial to recognize that victims are never at fault for experiencing sexual assault or rape.

Our team of sexual assault attorney comprehends the significance of maintaining confidentiality throughout your case. While testifying in court may be necessary to establish the guilt of your abuser, it can help prevent future sexual abuse by the same individual.

If you feel uncomfortable discussing such matters with the police, you have the right to request an officer of the same gender to record your statement. Although discussing sexual assault may be difficult, it is imperative to file charges regardless of whether or not you know the perpetrator.


Both Criminal and Civil Claims

The burden of proof in criminal court is exceptionally high, even for a grave crime like sexual assault. The prosecution must establish the assault beyond a reasonable doubt. However, it is worth noting that civil courts can also pursue cases related to this crime. Even if the perpetrator receives a criminal sentence, you may still have the option to file a lawsuit against them in civil court. In such cases, you may be eligible for various forms of compensation, including:

  • Treatment for assault-related injuries
  • Trauma psychologique
  • Loss of Employment or Wages
  • Counseling for emotional disorders
  • Other damages caused by assault

In certain situations, it may be possible to pursue legal action against parties other than the perpetrator in cases of sexual assault. For instance, if the assault occurred in the workplace, you may have grounds to sue your employer if they failed to conduct a thorough background investigation on the perpetrator. Similarly, if an apartment complex or a business did not provide adequate lighting or other security measures, you may have a basis to sue them.

It’s important to note that being a victim of sexual assault can also have an impact on your spouse. They may experience anger, a loss of sexual intimacy, fear, and resentment as a result. These emotions can strain your marital relationship and potentially lead to its dissolution.


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