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Corporate Law

corporate law

A California Corporate Attorney You Can Trust

With over 20 years of experience and a 98% success rate, our lawyers have helped thousands of California business owners deliver trusted business counsel and courtroom advocacy to businesses.

The pace of business success today demands responsive legal counsel who can spot risks. At Tenina Law, we realize that corporate formation, structure, and organization are critical to our client’s commercial success. We share our clients’ entrepreneurial passion and offer a full range of legal services for all corporate entities. 

We advise and assist in the formation of entities such as corporations, sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, and limited liability partnerships. We understand that each entity has its own significant consequences in matters such as liability, management, assignment, dissolution, and business taxation. For companies in other stages of the business life cycle, we develop exit strategies and handle succession planning matters. One of the areas of expertise is pre-bankruptcy counseling as well.coque de telephone personnaliséedesigner phone caseself bar bc4000phone case ideasaction telefoonhoesjessmartphonehoesje korting 

In addition, we draft business contracts, review legal documents, and ultimately ensure clients are reaching their business goals. We prepare a wide variety of legal documents:

Articles of Incorporation

Buy-sell agreements

Employment contracts

Non-compete agreements

Commercial Warranties

Stock purchase agreements

Operating agreements

Shareholders agreements

Our California corporate lawyers have a great deal of expertise in commercial and corporate law. Tenina Law’s corporate attorney are responsible for ensuring that the companies they represent comply with corporate laws and regulations. They can either work with a company’s legal team or represent companies that do not have an in-house legal department. A corporation is an independent legal entity that exists under the authority of state law and is separate from its owners, directors, or officers.


What Is Corporate Law?

Corporate law is the collection of laws, rules, regulations, and practices that govern the formation and operation of corporations. Corporate law is necessary to ensure that corporations are operating legally and in a way that allows them to do business. Also, corporate law is considered more civil than criminal law.


What Does a Corporate Lawyer Do?

The role of corporate lawyers, exemplified by attorney at Tenina Law, in Irvine, is crucial for Southern California businesses. Corporate attorney can engage in various activities, including:

  1. Providing advice and recommendations on the type of corporate structure.
  2. Consulting and advising the Board of Directors on all legal matters.
  3. Offering guidance to businesses involved in disputes between owners or investors.
  4. Providing advice and consultation on personnel and employment issues.
  5. Offering counsel on the rights and responsibilities of directors and officers within a company.
  6. Facilitating, negotiating, and drafting contracts, licenses, and joint ventures.
  7. Preparing corporate records, such as board and shareholder resolutions, corporate minutes, and other related documents.
  8. Consulting and advising corporations on insurance-related matters.
  9. Providing guidance on risk management issues.
  10. Offering advice on document retention, legal holds, and eDiscovery matters.
  11. Providing consultation on corporate activities, including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and buyouts.
  12. Overseeing all legal activities within the company.

Overall, corporate lawyers play a vital role in ensuring the legal compliance and smooth functioning of businesses.

What’s the Difference Between Corporate Law & Business Law?

Corporate law and business law have distinct scopes. Corporate law is generally more narrowly defined, centering on the formation and operations of corporate entities. On the other hand, business law is a broader term that encompasses various areas, including employment law, contract law, and commercial transactions.


Experienced Corporate Lawyers at Tenina Law

Our Sherman Oaks-based corporate attorney at Tenina Law are highly experienced in corporate law. Our Southern California corporate and business attorney are able to provide you with prompt and effective legal advice for your business. Call Tenina Law if you need a corporate lawyer to set up a new company or a general counsel to help you grow your business. You can also join us on FB, Instagram, and LinkedIn to get the latest legal updates.


Advice, Protection, and Scaling of Small to Medium Sized Businesses

As general counsel for private, market-leading clients, we specialize in providing legal support to small and medium-sized businesses. Our role involves handling the diverse legal issues these companies encounter on a daily basis. With clients spanning various industries, we offer personalized advice and representation tailored to their specific needs. 

Our services encompass contract negotiation, intellectual property protection, employment law, regulatory compliance, and more. We prioritize proactive risk management to safeguard our clients’ interests and ensure legal compliance. Moreover, we assist in scaling businesses by facilitating strategic growth through mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, joint ventures, and international expansions. 

Our experienced team of attorney acts as trusted partners, offering tailored solutions aligned with clients’ business objectives.

By entrusting their legal matters to us, small and medium-sized businesses can focus on core operations and pursue growth opportunities with confidence. We provide diligent and professional handling of legal affairs, ensuring peace of mind for our clients. Our commitment to delivering exceptional services enables businesses to thrive in their respective industries.


Call Tenina Law for More Information About Corporate Law

Discover expert corporate legal services at Tenina Law. Our team of experienced corporate attorney is ready to assist you with all your business needs. Contact us today for trusted advice, strategic counsel, and seamless corporate solutions. Let us help you navigate the complexities of corporate law with confidence. Schedule a consultation now and experience the difference with Tenina Law.


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