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Tax Attorney In Ventura County

Tax Attorney In Ventura County

Tax Attorney In Ventura County

It’s that time of the year, and it may be time to speak to a tax attorney in Ventura County. Although some people may be able to avoid filing income tax, most Americans living and working in the United States must file their returns by the April 15 deadline. The reason is that the taxpayer’s gross income before filing is very low. People without a filing obligation are often required to file income taxes in order to get a tax refund.

Based on an individual’s filing status and age, the amount of gross income that an individual can have before they are required to file income taxes is determined. A single taxpayer under 65 years old was required to file income taxes for the 2014 tax year after earning $10,150 in gross income. A single filer 65 years old or older, however, is not required until they have $11,700 in income. Married taxpayers who file jointly, head-of-household, or with one or more dependent children can also earn more gross income than they must before filing income taxes.

Taxpayers who fail or refuse to pay taxes could face severe penalties. Although there are many reasons why you might not file income taxes, the most important factor in determining your liability is whether the inaction or action was willful. Willful acts refer to acts or failures that are voluntary or inadvertently disregard a legal obligation. A taxpayer who deliberately conceals past filing mistakes is considered willful. A taxpayer who deliberately tries to hide information about the tax filing deadline for this year is also considered willful blindness. This can be especially true if foreign accounts or unreported income are involved.

26 USC 7203 can punish a taxpayer for failing to file an annual income tax report. A willful failure to pay taxes can result in a maximum of one year in federal prison and severe fines and penalties. Taxpayers must also pay back any amounts they have gotten from tax fraud or tax-evasion schemes as restitution. The taxpayer may also be charged with obstruction of tax code administration or felony spy evasion charges if he or she tries to conceal or cover up his or her failure. If convicted, taxpayers can face a maximum three-year federal sentence. They will also need to be represented by an income tax attorney in Ventura County.

Common Questions About Tax Attorneys

What Does A Tax Attorney In Ventura County Charge?

There are two ways to look at the cost of hiring a tax attorney in Ventura County. Either you can only consider the monetary costs of defending yourself against actions by the federal or state taxing authorities or you could also think about the long-term financial implications if you spend money now to strengthen your defenses over the years.

Tax lawyers usually charge an hourly or flat fee depending on what type of work they do. Most tax attorney will schedule a consultation with you to discuss your situation and get an idea of the possible costs and time involved.

Consider the long-term costs. If you don’t hire a Tax Attorney, and you make any tax-related mistakes, you may end up with years or even decades of red tape due to repeat criminal tax investigations & audits. Additional tax, interest, penalties, and representation fees could cost you many times more than if you had aggressively defended yourself.

Why Hire A Tax Attorney?

If you are ever notified by the IRS that they will be auditing your tax returns, you should immediately hire a tax attorney. If things don’t go as planned, tax problems could be a serious setback for your financial future.

You will be represented by competent, experienced tax attorney through every step of the process. We have a proven track record of providing the best possible outcome in each case, no matter how complex or high-risk the issue. At Offices Of Tenina Law, we will gladly provide you with a tax attorney in Ventura County who is skilled in many facets of tax law. Our extensive experience and training allow us to predict how the IRS will treat your criminal or civil tax investigation. Our firm will help you gain the upper hand in situations that could lead to severe financial penalties or even imprisonment if they are not handled properly. You would hire an attorney to protect your rights if you were facing criminal charges.

How Do I Find A Tax Attorney?

Do your research to find qualified a tax attorney in Ventura County. Start by looking at the websites of local lawyers. Look out for those who are familiar with tax issues and have experience dealing with the IRS. Some attorney have more experience than others. A list of qualified tax attorney is also available on websites for tax attorney associations.

Ask the attorney to meet with you when it is time to make your decision. You should be clear about your situation and make sure that the attorney is familiar with your particular problem. Check the credentials of any attorney.

Make sure that you are comfortable speaking with your tax attorney. Tax problems can often be difficult situations so it is important to find a tax attorney you feel comfortable speaking with.

Why Should I Hire A Tax Attorney?

Some people will hire an income tax lawyer as soon as they receive notification from IRS about an audit. Others will wait and try to solve the problem for a while.

The best time to find an experienced tax attorney in Ventura County is when you are most uncomfortable with the process. This could be as simple as the IRS agent asking you for documents that you aren’t familiar with or speaking in a language you don’t understand.

A tax attorney can also help speed up the process if you have difficulty communicating with the IRS, or if the agent isn’t responding to your questions promptly.

Choose Tenina Law To Be Your Income Tax Attorney

We are Southern California’s top tax attorney. Tenina law has been in operation for over 20 years. We are tax law specialists and have managed many IRS negotiations. We can assist you, whether you are a business owner or someone seeking immediate assistance with tax questions. As long as there is a tax problem, penalties and interest will continue to accrue.

Our team is available to help you quickly get the tax assistance you require. We are open and transparent so that you can get the information you need to solve your tax problem. We want you to be able quickly and efficiently to get the answers you need to solve your tax problems.

Tenina Law Provides Services

The offices of Tenina Law will provide you with a tax attorney to assist with:

Other Areas We Operate   

Our team is based in Southern California and the surrounding area. We can help you with tax resolution and work with all Californians. Some of the main areas we serve include:

To find an “IRS tax lawyer near me“, contact us today for more information about working with a tax attorney in any of the many Southern California cities that we serve.

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