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Can a Tax Lawyer Negotiate With The IRS?

Can a tax lawyer negotiate with the IRS

Can a Tax Lawyer Negotiate With The IRS?

It’s easy for tax issues to overwhelm you, such as outstanding bills, IRS lien, or wage garnishments. It’s important to remember you’re not alone if you’re struggling with tax resolution issues like outstanding bills, IRS liens, or wage garnishments. Every year, hundreds of thousands of taxpayers face serious federal and state tax debt issues. The solution is to talk to a tax lawyer to weigh your options.

A tax attorney can provide significant benefits. The following are some of the greatest perks:

  • Experienced tax attorney are available to help you resolve tax problems. Tax attorney are experts in solving complex tax issues like wage garnishments and tax liens and levies. These tax experts can help you determine the best course for your particular situation and conduct thorough investigations.
  • Tax lawyers can save you pennies on the dollar. It’s easy to assume you’ll end up in debt forever if you can’t pay back your taxes. Tax lawyers can help you negotiate with the IRS to lower your total debt. This allows you to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars and also resolve your tax debt.
  • An audit can be handled by tax attorney. It is not pleasant to receive an IRS audit notice. Talk to a tax attorney if you are unsure how to respond to the IRS’s requests. Tax lawyers are experts in negotiating audits and can help you navigate the process with minimal stress.
  • A tax lawyer can represent you in court. In the event that your tax debt results in criminal charges or tax fraud, a legal professional will help you. Tax lawyers have the experience and knowledge to help you build a strong case and represent you before the IRS.

What Do Tax Attorney Specialize In?

The IRS tax attorney specializes in a variety of legal issues related to the tax code. They are familiar with the federal tax code and have a good understanding of the tax code in at least one state. Most tax lawyers are experts in at least one of these topics:


How Much Tax Debt Do You Owe?

  • Audit Representation You may be able to handle a simple audit notice from IRS by yourself. A tax attorney is available to provide expert audit representation if the audit results in tax fraud or other complex issues.
  • Criminal Defense: It is not a good idea to deal with tax fraud or other criminal tax charges on your own. If necessary, a tax attorney will help you build a defense case and represent you in court.
  • Late Tax Returns: While filing outstanding tax returns can bring your account current with the IRS, late filing can result in substantial interest fees and penalties. Without breaking the bank, a tax lawyer can assist you in filing delinquent returns.
  • Installment Agreements: An installment agreement is a good option if you are unable to pay the entire tax amount in one lump sum. An experienced tax attorney will help you create an installment plan that works and present your case to IRS.
  • Offers in Compromise: If you don’t have the means to pay your tax debts, an offer to compromise may be a way to settle for less. An experienced tax lawyer will help you negotiate terms with the IRS and make a reasonable offer.
  • Penalty Relief: Penalties could significantly increase your tax debt, making it more difficult to pay the balance. An IRS tax attorney will determine if you are eligible for penalty relief, and assist you in eliminating these additional fees.
  • Tax Levie Release: The IRS can claim your property and your accounts through a tax lien. There is no time to waste. An experienced tax lawyer can help you to get rid of your tax levy.
  • Tax Lien Removal Selling assets such as your car or house can be difficult if the IRS places a tax lien on your property. An IRS tax attorney can help you remove its lien against your property and to find a solution to repay your tax debt.
  • Wage Garnishment Removal You need to act quickly if the IRS threatens you with a garnishment of your wages. An experienced tax lawyer can help you make a case to stop wage garnishment and suggest a different course of action to the IRS.

How Can an IRS Tax Lawyer Help You?

They can assist you before and after you contact the IRS to resolve tax issues. These are just a few of the many areas they can help with:

  • Research Cases: Tax attorney investigate IRS cases to find problems and suggest solutions. They are familiar with the best documents to examine, where to look for problems, and how to deal with IRS notices.
  • Communicating with the IRS: Talking to IRS tax representatives can be frustrating and confusing for taxpayers. You can sign IRS Form 2848 to allow a tax attorney to represent you before IRS. This allows you to leave IRS communication to your lawyer. Tax attorney are skilled in communicating with the IRS efficiently, which allows them to provide more efficient solutions.
  • Negotiating Tax Settlements: Tax lawyers can help you to negotiate complex solutions like installment payments, offers of compromise, wage garnishment, tax lien or levy release, penalty abatement, and tax levy/lien release. These issues are difficult to negotiate alone because they require a deep understanding of tax law.
  • Client representation in Court: While many tax debt cases can still be resolved by negotiation with the IRS (though most of them can), tax attorney are able to represent clients in court if necessary. A legal representative may be needed if you are involved in tax fraud cases or if your audit case leads you to criminal charges.
  • Clients Save Money: Many of the strategies tax lawyers use to make clients pay less to the IRS than they actually owe. Tax attorney can help you save hundreds of dollars, thousands, or even more.

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