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How A Tax Attorney Can Assist With Wage Garnishment

How A Tax Attorney Can Assist With Wage Garnishment

How A Tax Attorney Can Assist With Wage Garnishment

The IRS can take part of your wages until you pay the entire amount. The wage garnishment order can leave you with less than half your gross monthly income to pay your bills.

Is Wage Garnishment Required?

The IRS must first send you an IRS audit letter Notice and Demand for Payment before it can garnish your wages. The IRS will issue a wage garnishment or order against your employer if payment is not received within the specified time. Seizure of your wages, and other assets, will also be initiated if no resolution is found.

Appeal to Your Rights

When the IRS decides to garnish your wages, they play tough. Your income will be garnished. This includes benefits such as social security and government benefits. The garnishment cannot be lifted unless:

  • The entire tax debt has been paid
  • If you are facing financial hardship
  • The IRS is considering a payment plan or an offer in compromise
  • You file for bankruptcy

There are some rights you have in the wage garnishment process. However, in most states, like California, these rights are up to you to exercise.

  • Legal notification of garnishment is required.
  • If the IRS notice contains inaccurate information, or if you feel you are not responsible for it, you can contest it.
  • Certain types of income such as Social Security or veterans benefits may be exempted from garnishment. They could still be taken if they are not in your bank account.
  • Although you can’t be fired if you have one wage garnishment, you will lose your protection if you have more than one.

You can challenge the garnishment if you believe the judgment was wrong or is causing undue damage to your finances.

A tax relief attorney can help you stop wage garnishment in California. They will assess your financial situation, and create a plan to find the best tax solution for you. This could be either by settling your IRS tax debt through an IRS Offer in Compromise Program or by negotiating a reasonable payment plan. To avoid a tax levied on your wages, it is important that you stop California wage garnishment by a skilled tax attorney. Tenina Law offers a free consultation to resolve tax issues.

Choose Tenina Law To Be Your Tax Attorney

We are Southern California’s top tax attorney. Tenina law has been in operation for over 20 years. We are tax law specialists and have managed many IRS negotiations. We can assist you, whether you are a business owner or someone seeking immediate assistance with tax questions. As long as there is a tax problem, penalties and interest will continue to accrue.

Our team is available to help you quickly get the tax assistance you require. We are open and transparent so that you can get the information you need to solve your tax problem. We want you to be able quickly and efficiently to get the answers you need to solve your tax problems.

Tenina Law Provides Services

The offices of Tenina Law will provide you with a tax attorney to assist with:

Other Areas We Operate   

Our team is based in Southern California and the surrounding area. We can help you with tax resolution and work with all Californians. Some of the main areas we serve include:

To find an “IRS tax lawyer near me“, contact us today for more information about working with a tax attorney in any of the many Southern California cities that we serve.

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