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3 Signs You Need Help From a Los Angeles Tax Attorney

3 Signs You Need Help From A Los Angeles tax attorney

3 Signs You Need Help From a Los Angeles Tax Attorney

Feeling overwhelmed by your tax problems? This is often the first sign you should hire someone to assist with IRS tax relief. A skilled tax relief attorney will be your best option. Tax attorney are graduates of law school and have a good knowledge of IRS law. Avoid tax relief and resolution companies, and schedule a consultation with a Los Angeles tax attorney.

There are other signs that you should seek out a Los Angeles tax attorney.

1. What Happens If I Have a Receipt for IRS? 

You should be worried if you received an IRS audit letter stating that an amount is owed to you. You should consult a Los Angeles tax attorney if you receive a lot of IRS collections notices, threatening to levy bank accounts and wages. Also, you can’t hide from the IRS and they won’t go away as some people think. It is not easy to convince the IRS that you don’t owe tax debt if you have evidence to the contrary. With the long hold times and frequent hang-ups, it can be difficult to get hold of the IRS. The IRS requires that you submit all documents and arguments properly in order to make them understandable. Sometimes it can be difficult to reach them. An IRS representative can be helped to understand the arguments by a tax attorney who works with them every day.

2. Will the IRS Use Wage Garnishment?

If you have waited too long to get in touch with the IRS and ignored their collection letters then the inevitable result is a wage garnishment or bank levy. These efforts can sometimes take a while, especially if they are unable to find an employer. If they find your bank account, they will attempt to attach it. You generally have 21 days to stop a bank lien from being placed on your bank account after you get notice of it. You need to act quickly and get tax relief assistance from a tax lawyer.

Once they have levied bank accounts, it is nearly impossible for you to get the money back. A professional Los Angeles tax attorney can negotiate for you if you are in financial hardship. It is also difficult to get rid of garnishment on your paycheck once it attaches. To have this removed quickly, your tax attorney can help you work with the IRS. They can also find a solution such as a payment plan or a non-collectible status.

3. What Happens If You Are Unable to Pay Your Tax Debt?

IRS tax debt can arise in many ways, including underreporting income, IRS audit, or not withholding enough during the year. A taxpayer who is late in filing their tax returns is another way that this is happening more frequently. It is a good idea to hire a tax lawyer to help you get compliant. A flood of tax debt can come your way after you file. Your tax attorney can help you prepare for this. You may also be subject to IRS penalties (e.g., failure pay, failure file) or interest. These can add up to more than your actual debt.

These penalties can be removed by your tax attorney. After your tax debt has been assessed, and you have agreed to it, it may be impossible to pay it all off. This is a very common situation and the IRS will often come after you. It is possible that you have paid off a significant medical bill, or put a few children through college. There are many options available if this is the case. It is best to act quickly, hire a Los Angeles tax attorney and confront the problem head-on. You have several options for IRS tax relief:

CNC status

The IRS will stop collecting against you because of your financial hardship. This temporary solution is only until your financial situation permits. This is a good option as it gives you the time to organize your finances.

Payment Plan

A payment plan/installment agreement allows you to repay your tax debt over time. The usual agreements last between three and seven years. You have the option to pay the full amount in installments or to try to negotiate a lower amount. partial payment installment agreement). A complete set of financials must be submitted to IRS to prove that you are able to only pay a certain amount.


Settling your debts for less than what you owe. You can settle your tax debt with a lump-sum payment or a shorter-term payment plan. You can negotiate with the IRS for a lower amount than what you owe in order to satisfy your tax liability, just like the Installment Agreement.

Los Angeles taxpayers who need IRS tax relief assistance should consult a tax attorney. 

Contact Tenina Law for Tax Resolution

We are Southern California’s top tax attorney. Tenina Law has been in operation for over 20 years. We are tax specialists and have managed many IRS negotiations. We can assist you, whether you are a business owner or someone seeking immediate assistance with tax questions. As long as there is a tax problem, penalties and interest will continue to accrue. Our team is available to help you quickly get the tax assistance you require. We are open and transparent so that you can get the information you need to solve your tax problem. We want you to be able quickly and efficiently to get the answers you need to solve your tax problems.

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Where We Operate  

Tenina Law is based in Southern California and the surrounding area. We can help you with tax management and work with all Californians. Some of the main areas we serve include:

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